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The best pears within the area of the Barsa Land grow in the hilly areas of Campulung Muscel or Curtea de Arges, becoming juicy and flavoured when mature, due to their exposure to temperature fluctuations. These qualities ensure a dense distillate, with a fine flavour, but also a very persistent pear aroma.


To obtain a 0.7 l bottle you distil a quantity of approximately 14 kilos of Williams pears.


This one is the most beloved of the fruit distillates, being easily distinguished from the others by its characteristic smell. Perfect in any occasion, from cocktails to digestives,or even added in fruit deserts.


Fine and elegant, persistent, tasty and very flavoured


Specific pear scent, with a floral hint and a delicate fresh fruit perfume.



Ingredients: ½ Williams pealed pear, 20ml pear rosenauer, 30ml champagne, 20ml sugar syrup
Preparation: Mix the pear, the ice, the sugar syroup and the schnaps with a blender. Pour into the glass and add champagne.
Recommended glass: Champagne glass.
Decoration: Half a pear slice. Served with a straw.


Ingredients: 30ml pear rosenauer, 30ml White Vermouth, ice
Preparation: Mix the ice and all of the ingredients with the shaker. Pour into the glass on top of more ice.
Recommended glass: Martini glass
Decoration: Pear slice.



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