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This geist is prepared from the bitter-sweet raspberry from the Barsa Land forested regions, fruit with an extremely intense natural flavour, with Waldbodens hints, thus giving the drink an intense and pure taste.


to obtain a 0.7 l bottle you distil a quantity of approximately 3 kilos of raspberry.


the geist differs from the distillate because it uses a raspberry macerated, which needs a much smaller quantity of fruit. This product is appreciated especially by women, being served as a digestive or with deserts such as sherbet or fruit tart.


fine and elegant, persistent, tasty and very flavoured.


specific raspberry scent, with a floral hint and a delicate fresh fruit perfume.



Ingredients: 30ml of raspberry rosenauer, 30ml white vermouth, ice
Preparation: The ice and all of the ingredients into the shaker. Pour into the glass on top of more ice.
Recommended glass: Martini glass
Decoration: Raspberry or glazed cherry


Ingredients: 20 ml raspberry rosenauer, 40 ml black currant juice, 5 ml almond liquor, 40 ml champagne.
Preparation: Mix the ice, the black currant juice, the almond liquor and the raspberry schnaps with a shaker. Pour into the glass and add champagne.
Recommended glass: Champagne glass
Decoration: raspberry or glazed cherry



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