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The preparation and the processing of the fruit.

After harvesting, the fruit are manually sorted, based on maturity level and aspect- rotten or sick fruit are carefully eliminated. Afterwards the leaves, the leftover branches, the seeds and the cores are also elimitated. The remaining fruit is placed into special boilers and fermented at a constant temperature of 18 degrees C, thus obtaining the primary flavour. Using the triple distillation process, the feinbrand is obtained, which is afterwards stored for a period of time that differs with the type of fruit used. The storage is made either in stainless steel tanks or in glass demijohns protected from the light in the case of forest berries. During the entire storage period the products are being constantly checked, and before being bottled they are brought to the corresponding alcohol concentration by adding demineralised water- processing stage named “Wedding”.

The last stage means a new storage, this time in glass bottles for ensuring a harmonious blending of the distillate with spring water.

Respecting the high quality of the distillate, the bottling and the labeling are made manually, using transparent glass recipients and corks with hard wood insertions.