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The story of the Rosenauer schnaps can be easily identified with the history of the Transylvanian Saxons known as hard working men, who after coming and settling in the area of the old Roman fort at Cumidava (the Teutonic knights 13th century) brought with them to the Barsa Land their traditions and customs.

Amongst the recipes that we inherited from them there is the schnaps, made by fruit distillation. The Schnaps is a traditional drink spread throughout the entire European area that was once under the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Whether  you are tasting an “Enzian” at the foot of the Alps, a “Stamperl” in the shadow of the Black Forest Mountains or a “Doppelkorn” savoured together with a dish of pork leg with sauerkraut and mashed peas in Berlin, the same traditional recipe and the same German quality will be found in Rasnov as well, in every glass of Rosenauer.

Competing with the tzuica, the palinca or the vinars, the schnaps has always found a place of honour on the rich meals of the Transylvanian boroughs.

The Rasnov Saxons either distilled the raspberry which could be abundantly found in the Barsei Land’s forests, thus obtaining the Himbeerschnapps, or crossed the mountains towards Campulung Muscel and Curtea de Arges to collect pears, or they simply used the cherries from their own orchards, in order to distil them.

The Rosenauer Schnaps wishes to bring this fine drink into the most select bars, restaurants and locations. Whether distilled from cherries, raspberries or Williams pears, the Rosenauer schnaps respects the old German tradition originating from the banks of the Rhin, tradition well kept from generation to generation by the few descendents of the Saxon colonists.